Keys are such an integral part to the worship sound at STN. There’s so much more to worship piano than just simply playing the chords and the content on this page will hopefully help you progress in your playing.


Worship Piano

These three videos have incredible content on the rudiments of worship piano covering everything from chord voicings, dynamics, rhythm, and creativity.

Holding Patterns

We spend a lot of our time in between songs playing holding patterns. This is often where keys players get stuck playing repetitive patterns or simply droning. This video talks through creating different patterns for this time and combined with good dynamics can turn those in between moments from boring and repetitive to full and interesting.

Nord Overview

At STN Earlham Road we use a Nord Stage 2 Keyboard and a Nord Piano 3, both hugely powerful instruments that when used well can create incredibly immersive Piano and Synth soundscapes. Learning the keyboard is such an important part of growing as a keys player. This video talks through the current keys setup at Earlham Road utilising the two keyboards and the pre-programmed patches. We’ll talk through the Mod Wheel, types of Piano and moments, and utilising synthesizers.