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We exist to be a city & county-wide expression of authentic Christianity today.

STN is all about making connections. We want to connect with God, each other and the wider world. We do this by working over three distinct, but closely joined, strands. STN Church, STN Trust & STN Trading.

As a church we operate across multiple sites throughout Norwich. First and foremost, we are followers of Jesus who want to serve God and make Him known. We meet together to worship, pray and grow closer together, offering support and friendship to one another. There is a service to suit everyone at STN. Plan your visit.

STN Trust oversees all of our outreach and social action happening locally, nationally and internationally. The Trust seeks to help people enslaved by their circumstances.

STN Trading supports the church's core mission, providing resources and services that support our community.


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From traditional family services to informal evening worship, we hope you’ll find a service that feels like home on a Sunday.

Sunday gatherings include live music, kids & youth activities for 0-18 years. We meet at 9:30, 10:30, 11:00, 16:00 & 19:00 across the city.

9:30 // STN Earlham Road ...

This is a welcoming, traditional service with classical music. There is weekly Holy Communion, and a strong community atmosphere.
Please note that children's groups are not available at this service.

11:00 // STN Earlham Road . . .

This popular, informal and welcoming service is filled with families – children’s & youth programmes are available. Join us from 10:30am for coffee & croissants.

16:00 // STN Grove Walk . . .

A contemporary family friendly, accessible & fun service. Exploration of the Christian faith for all ages and stages in life. Join the service in the Sanctuary Coffee Stop.

19:00 // STN Earlham Road . . .

This is the most relaxed of all our services. Here, we dedicate a load of time to worshipping God through song, have a short-talk, and leave space for prayer ministry.


stn. trust

Social action and outreach.
Local, National, Global


The Trust is an agent of change, working to bring freedom and fulfilment to those whose circumstances enslave them. 

STN Trust works in two distinct ways; journeying with individuals and in partnership with other related charities and organisations. Our vision is to help those impacted by debt, slavery, poverty, crime, trafficking, addiction or loneliness. The Trust enables us, as a church, to engage with people and organisations to see God's love communicated and enacted.

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STN Trading operates as a not-for-profit company with all surplus going to support the work of STN Trust.

We provide exceptional community spaces with wonderful food & drink. We also provide professional service to other non-profit organisations through media, web, design & IT consultancy. 


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