Church may be the last place you think of when you consider boundary-splitting creativity and there can be preconceptions about what church 'media' should be about. At STN we reimagine what it means to be creative in context of the church, doing it as well as the corporate world, but with greater meaning and purpose.

With church sites across Norwich, beautiful buildings, our own coffee shop, a pub & bistro, STN charities & sports foundations there is no shortage of places to make your mark. If you're an experienced creative, or just want to learn, lets get started.

STN Media is part of STN Trading, offering professional design and consulting services to NGO's & non-profits. 

Jason Baldry  Head of Media & IT

Jason Baldry
Head of Media & IT

Ben Lawrence  Film & Photography

Ben Lawrence
Film & Photography

Vicky Allen  Media (Sports Factory)

Vicky Allen
Media (Sports Factory)

Calista Porter  Intern

Calista Porter