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Made For More: Action

No matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing!” Benjamin - a man who’s planted more churches than most of his listeners have had hot dinners - tells us about ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God – and how we must just get on with it right now, rather than wait for the right technology or circumstance.

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Made For More: Passion

Terry talks about passion for justice, as we consider how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey not on a warhorse. We are called to love one another, even in the darkest places. We learn about Mala, how IJM’s team rescued her, cared for her, and how she is now free and setting up her own business. Terry welcomes the way St Thomas is becoming more involved with IJM, and encourages us to pray.

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Made For More: Freed People Free People

In Luke 4 when Jesus said he fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, he had just come from 40 days in the desert. Overcoming the temptations he faced in the desert that targeted his identity, authority and knowledge of the goodness of God, created the launch pad for his public ministry and qualified him to proclaim freedom for others.

We face these same battles but we can claim our freedom through Jesus and when we do, we carry the same anointing and can then free others.

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Made For More: Paul Cowley

We’re always told that Peter let Jesus down big time - but was it really so bad? For Paul Cowley, Peter has a crazy kind of courage, he was a man who stuck by Jesus and wasn’t afraid to own up to his failings. Yet, as Paul tells us, God has a plan. Peter was made for more. So are we, and God will send us the resources we need to help those in need.

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