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As members of the Church we are part of a radical new loving family, a supernatural community under the headship of Jesus. We have SO MUCH to give thanks for!  Wow what a journey - just seeing Harvest across all the sites, with every service full reminds me that we have an incredible story to tell. We are a church that has grown from 40 people (5 years ago) to over 600 and it has happened by faith alone. We have never had reserves, we have always trusted God and we have taken risks in order to pursue His call today. Within the first 2 months of my arrival in September 2013 we had to spend every penny that the church had of our seed funding (and ask for more) just to fix the corroded and leaking heating system at St Thomas in time for Christmas. People were worshipping with rugs on their back, hot water bottles and two coats on at the onset of Winter and I will never forget the vapour from their breathe as we sung. The family came together and gave so that we can today enjoy the Mitre, Sanctuary, Russell Street Community Centre, Sports Factory etc……! Faith is spelt R-I-S-K whether we like it or not!

  • Offering October is an opportunity to pause, reflect and give thanks for what God has done here in Norwich through St Toms. Joanna, Andy, Ed and I would like to invite you to share a story on this page, write a unique prayer, explore groups and teams but to also give financially. I do not like to talk very much about giving but Jesus didn’t mind speaking about it at all. He is Lord of everything, and therefore he is Lord of our wallets too. Jesus said “where our treasure is our heart lies” (Matthew 6.21). Our hope is that through October you might review your giving to the church whether it is regular giving (from your 'first fruits’) and/or one-off gifts ('offerings’) in order to build up the body of Christ. We would like you to join with us in order to pray and seek God in this together.

  • God has called us to play a leading role in stewarding this extraordinary move of His Holy Spirit in Norwich and Norfolk today and to play our part in the re-evangelisation of the nation, the transformation of society and revitalisation of the church. Check out the vision talks if you want to revisit where we are headed. Take a look back at what God has done in the last 5 years. Take a look at the timeline below. Pray into whether this is a family that you want to sow into in the future. We are the church and together we are being built 'to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit’.

  • Our volunteer Finance Team and PCC have set out key information as clearly as possible. If you want more information they will be very happy to give it. There are also some myths to bust about finance:

    1. We do not receive anything from the Church of England - instead we pay monthly to their central pot for the maintenance of clergy and mission.

    2. The Mitre is not yet profitable but it has exceeded expectations in its first year of trading. We as a church are subsidising the Mitre in order for our Public Home to become solvent and successful.

    3. We are an HTB network church. We receive no money from HTB, and we pay the full price for all the HTB events and services we enjoy.

    4. STN TRUST - Up to this point the Trust have been financially self-sufficient, however in order to continue the growth and support the work it needs more financial support.

    Please email the Finance Team. They love to talk about this and share information with you.

  • To put it simply. God has caught our attention through finance! Our congregation and missional reach has grown but our giving is yet to catch up. Last Sunday over 600 people attended our services but we only have 148 regular givers. To sustain the work we are already doing we need an increase in giving and givers. My hope is to share this information with you, the church, as clearly and transparently as possible so you can pray and act accordingly. The figure seems daunting! We need to increase our regular giving by £50,000 in order to support our existing and growing mission field. We would also welcome one-off gifts to help develop our sites and spaces so that they might be developed. All of this might seem a daunting task but actually if all 600 people in the church gave the monetary equivalent of three cups of coffee per month we would meet the target. Gift Aid also lets us reclaim 25% back from the Government. I believe that together we can make this happen if we move as one. Miracles do happen! Jesus said 'it is more blessed to give than to receive'. Enjoy the blessing!


With Blessings,
Dave Lloyd

And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.
— Ephesians 2.22


It’s easy to start giving to STN. You can give regularly, or via a one-off payment, online. You can also give via standing order.

Gift Aid

Already giving? Make sure we have an up-to-date gift aid declaration for you. For uk taxpayers, we are able to reclaim 25p for every £1 given, at no extra cost to you!


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Celebrate our Story




Arrival of Ian Dyble as Priest-in-Charge.
Change of existing 10:30am service to 9:30am.
Start of the 11am service.
Began Alpha

Launch of the 7pm service in ER Hall.


Over 1200 people attend the Alpha Supper at Norfolk Showground

Development of our 4-time award-winning website to increase our mission reach through high-quality media.

Sierra Leone and Street Child
Started supporting a third School in Sierra Leone through Street Child. To date there have been over 20 people from St Toms run in the Street Child Sierra Leone Marathon.


Sports Factory
We launched the Sports Factory and began our first schools work.

Tommy Christmas Video went viral! 50,000 people watched and BBC news at 10.

STN Trust
HELP renamed to STN Trust - continuing the vision to see individuals released from circumstances which enslave them and overseeing social action of STN Church.

St Albans
Church was closed. We were given the keys and began refurbishing in June. St Albans (a.k.a The Sanctuary) was relaunched on 15 December.


We bought the Mitre and refurbished it to become a Public Home.

St Barnabas Parish
Missional Communiy planted into St Barnabas vicarage.


Over 200 people attend Alpha at The Sanctuary with over 50 volunteers a week helping to make it happen.

Russell Street Community Centre
Council gave us the keys to the Community Centre. Renovated and reopened

St Barnabas
Congregation and clergy sent to join the Church.


Groups and Teams
Consolidation and development of our Groups and Teams. We have an army of worship leaders, childrens workers, mentors and befriends, Connect Group leaders, Team Leaders, and volunteers across every area of ministry and we want to resource and equip the Body of Christ in the work place, home, care home, university and school.

Missional Partnership
We are releasing people to serve in a mission partnership with Earlham Benefice through Rev Di Rowlandson and Rev Andy Woodman.

Offering October


The adventure continues.


TEAM members

Dedicated volunteers sowing in to the life of the Church with their time and their talents.



Increasing numbers attending termly groups helping to build community across the city & the county.



Thousands reached through the Sports Factory, STN Trust, Kids, Youth, Prison Ministry, Mitre, Sanctuary, Alpha & Sundays.




As the annual report says…

‘2017 has been an interesting year. 2016 saw incredible growth, change and development of the Church finances and 2017 was a consolidation, or settling, year for all that came before it. Total giving for 2017 including Gift Aid was £435,772 nearly 6% less than in 2016. Both restricted and unrestricted giving fell.‘

What we have seen, and what the graph above illustrates, is that our giving has not kept pace with our growth both in terms of weekly attendance and in terms of our missional reach. A large proportion of giving comes from a small number of families. We hope that Offering October will help address this imbalance and we warmly invite everyone to review their giving at this time. Thank you so much for everything you give to make this adventure possible.

Annual Report

STN Finance Team

And now, brothers and sisters, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. In the midst of a very severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.
— 2 Corinthians 8



The team will be blogging throughout October with updates, testimonies and stories.