Focus is a chance for the HTB church network to spend quality time together; to pitch in as a family, sharing food, receiving & praying for one another, and supporting each other as we grow. 

Experience impactful teaching, big top worship, a programme for all, friendships for life and transformational encounters with God. 

We would love for everyone at STN to join us at Focus. Book between 22 April to 6 May to use our discount code NORWICHLAUNCH. If it your first time heading to Focus, use the code NINETEENNEWBIE for £150 flat rate.

Once you have booked your ticket, head to our camping page to book your food, camping & transport arrangements.



Volunteer at Focus and take advantage of some fantastic perks. 

  • Reduced or free ticket (free for 7 to 10's and youth team as they work mornings and evenings, £75 for 1 to 6's as they just work mornings)

  • Free camping pitch

  • Breakfast provided (+£5 food voucher if with 7-10's and youth)

  • Use of volunteer lounge

  • Talks available free of charge after Focus has finished

  • Being a part of changing the lives of hundreds of young people!

Get in touch to find out more. Message us at