Sweet Treats for Street Child is a collection of beautifully presented recipes submitted by members and friends of St Thomas Norwich from which all profits will be donated to Street Child’s urgent appeal to help 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans. The stunning book is entirely desserts, including over 60 favourite recipes from Norwich spanning cakes, biscuits, tarts, traybakes, puddings, and other delicious sugary delights. There are also a few West African recipes for those that feel adventurous. Cookbooks are priced at a minimum of £12 but - and here’s the unusual twist - we’re asking you to give as much as you can for a book so that we can help 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola orphans. This is a unique opportunity to buy a book and transform a life at the same time - what better Christmas gift than to change the life of a vulnerable child, for good?

Books can be purchased at The Mitre & The Sanctuary Coffee Stop (Grove Walk) throughout the week.. 


Street Child’s urgent appeal to help 1,400 Ebola orphans - why we need to help!

It has been exactly one year since Sierra Leone was declared 'Ebola Free’.  Street Child has helped thousands of orphans to rebuild their lives but recently surveyed their case load and found that there are 1,400 seriously at-risk Ebola Orphans whose lives hang in the balance. Many of these children cannot afford basics like food and are struggling to survive. Street Child has worked out that to make a significant difference in these orphans lives long term - getting them into a school, finding a family for them, rehabilitation care etc - will cost £250 per child. Which is a total of £350,000 to help all 1,400 orphans. That’s why we’re asking you to do something incredible this Christmas - buy a book and transform the life of an orphaned child. Imagine if together we raised enough to help each one of these precious children? 

That’s why St Thomas Norwich is hoping to sell these books for as much as possible - to raise funds to make a difference in the lives of these 1,400 children.  All purchases of the Sweet Treats for Street Child Cookbook under this appeal will directly go to bettering the lives of these forgotten orphans. What better present could you give this Christmas?

To learn more visit Street Child's website.


Photo by Mike Gillett