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Mumbai Musings

Remarkable. There's actually something more affluent about Mumbai. Kolkata seems a more egalitarian city. There are fewer signs of wealth. Poverty everywhere. Most of the taxis are 1960's Austin Ambassadors held together with gaffer tape and ferrous oxide. Here they are little Hyundais.  Some parts of Mumbai actually look presentable. 

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Great Train Journeys of the World

It's just gone 7.00pm here and it's been a very full day which seems strange as back home, on sporting Saturday,  England haven't yet beaten Italy at rugger, in the footie Ipswich have yet to kick off against Fulham and in the cricket (which doesn't have a silly nick name) England are getting ready to beat Australia.  Oh well, two out of three ain't bad. 

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Ian's Trip To India

Quite a day so far. Arrived in Kolkata at 5.30am local time (12 midnight UK).  The Lord sent me an angel at Heathrow, the Jet Airlines booking clerk who managed to find me the best extra legroom seat on both legs (no pun intended!) of the journey.  It was like business class without the business.  Guess that's just class.  

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