Alpha in Argentina: 4 Months In

Hello St. T’s,

So amazing to get the pleasure to write to you again. Take a read of my second update from my trip to Argentina, nearly 4 months in already!

The last month or so has been full of travelling and meeting new people, and eating a lot of weird, new food.

Buenos Aires was the first stop on my itinerary in late November for our national conference which was such a joy to be a part of. Of course, I had no specific job apart from be ready for what the Argentinians throw at you, including balloon holder, go-pro professional and good looking doorman.

I got to stay with a lovely family which was fabulous, apart from the simple fact that the Buenos Aires Bus Authority has decided that only having one bus numbered ‘66’ is too boring so a minimum of five ‘66’ lines run throughout the capital, making life for an Englishman just that extra bit exciting. But it was a fantastic time of making new friends, getting together as an Alpha family and discovering what God has in store for our next season here as an Alpha team.

Chile was surprising and bonkers, but a joyride that was exhilarating from start to stop. We were working with the Alpha Film Production Team on the new Film Series, and I got the opportunity to meet José Henriquez, one of the miners trapped underground for 69 days in the Chilean Mine, 2010. We got the pleasure of hearing his story, meeting his family and finding out how much God provided for them in the mine. On August 22 2010, after 17 days without sunlight and limited food and water, they were having their last meal and were simply preparing for the worst. José got them all together after their ‘last supper’ and they started to pray. Amazingly, the next morning the drill reached a depth of 2,260 feet – the level where they were holed up and started the rescue process that most of us saw on national TV.

After a whirlwind, beautiful experience in the bustling city of Santiago, we left on a 30 hour bus, heading home to get ready for the next voyage.

Bolivia was my last pit stop this summer, and meant I got the joy of seeing my Bolivian family again for the first time in 2 years. They mean so much to me, and apart from being the tallest and whitest thing for miles around we had such a great time. A lack of health and safety meant the fireworks display was much more ‘exciting’ than it should have been, with cars being employed for more ‘stability’ for the fireworks but somehow we entered 2016 with all our limbs intact.

So there you go, the time has come to stop travelling this gorgeous, unordered, bonkers, stunning continent for now and get back to work. Life goes on here but I am so excited and content for the next 6 months of 2016 and seeing what God has to offer, with Alpha and with my church here.   

Miss you my church family but looking forward to seeing you so very soon,