Off to India with IJM

On Thursday morning I'll be boarding a Jet Airlines plane (presumably as opposed to a Twin Prop with elastic band Airlines plane) to fly to Kolkata to start a 9 day trip seeing the work of IJM (International Justice Mission) in their Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi field offices.  IJM work for justice for some of the 30 million people caught up in the scourge that is modern slavery, often referred to as 'Human Trafficking'.  They are working to see victims released and restored, offenders brought to account and justice systems strengthened and renewed.  God speaks through the prophet Amos that we should 'Let justice flow like rivers and righteousness like a never failing stream' (5:24).  Watch this space for daily updates, written and video blogs, as we seek to discover how we at St Thomas can do our part to see get captives set free.  


Ready to board this big fella. Jet engines. Not a propeller in sight. Well, that's a relief. The plane matches the description. Unlike justice for victims of sexual abuse in India. According to Gary Haugen in his informative and disturbing 'The Locust Effect' if you commit a sexual offence in India you are more likely to be struck by lightening than successfully prosecuted. And God says 'For I, The Lord, love justice.....' Isaiah 61:8.