You know the story. A man is walking along a beech when he sees a young boy surrounded by hundreds of stranded starfish that have been washed up by the tide.  He picks one up and throws it into the waves.  "Why are you doing that?" asks the man, "It won't make any difference."  The boy stoops and picks up another and, tossing it into the sea, replies "It will to that one."

Tomorrow  Ben, Mark and I fly out to Kolkata to progress our plan at St Thomas to start and support an Aftercare Home for girls rescued from sex trafficking.  200 girls in Kolkata, some as young as 12, have been rescued through the great work of IJM, but they have no aftercare, nowhere to go to be cared for and nurtured, nowhere to discover that they are precious and loved, by caring people and by God. We believe that God has called us to change that.  We may start small, in a small house, with a small number of girls.  But we'll start - and it will make a difference to them.

I remember starting at the board (see photo) on which had been written the names of all the girls that had been rescued through IJM Mumbai and then going on to meet 'Sani', whose real name in on this board, trafficked at 13 into a brothel, raped up to 20 times a day for three years before being rescued. Now 19, training to be a nurse and loves Jesus, a transformation brought about because people cared enough to save the one.  

Please do pray for us.  Me in particular. Ben has packed Strepsils and Prickly Heat Talcum powder. Just in case.