The Day of Rest - Bitter Sweet

Sierra Leone, Day 5 (Sunday).

We had a day of rest on beautiful Tokeh Beach. It was also Tom's birthday, the founder and Director of Street Child. It was a chance to say "goodbye" to friends we have made along the way and share something of our faith with those who were very curious! Also a chance to regroup and plan the next few days. Sadly one of the marathon runners from Sierra Leone died yesterday after the race. He was on the back of a motorbike travelling to the celebration at the street child cafe. He was loved by many of the team and was a huge advocate for his country and the charity. We were able to share in their mourning but also mark Tom's birthday.

I won't write very much. Instead I will let the picture of the beach do the talking! Sierra Leone is a place of huge poverty and riches. On Monday we will cast off in our own 4x4 to visit "Kissy" the ferry terminal and rubbish dump where many street kids live.