Sierra Leone, Day 3.


Today we headed to one of the worst affected towns by Ebola, called Lunsar. I met three families who had all been affected by Ebola, quarantined, lost their care giver and provider and are now grieving and rebuilding their lives; in many cases in a new part of town due to stigma. It is interesting how little can be said face to face other than "I'm so sorry". Street child fed them, visited them, provided counselling, and are now supporting their businesses and educating their children which is exactly what they need. Complete care. I met one teenage girl who looks after her grandmother, her sister and her baby and she attends school. She lost both parents and is the main care giver for her family but is well supported by the local street child social workers. She had walked six miles in the heat to come and see us, it's only right that I run thirteen to help her future.

In the afternoon we held a football match between Ebola orphans and street children (Ruth Gravelling would love this!) in the main huge stadium in town. Big brass band, lots of supporters and some very loud Sierra Leonian hip hop (comes as standard). This was a great celebration and build up to the race tomorrow.  We had a medical briefing as temperatures reached 34 today. Everyone is to go very carefully in the heat! One little boy was asked what he would like to be when he grows up: "A pastor" he said. "Oh!" Said the social worker. "That's great but you are from a Muslim family!" Fantastic relations between Muslims and Christians in this nation. The race will begin with prayers at 5am and an address from his excellency the President of Sierra Leone.

I hope to update when I can next get some mobile data! Please pray for the safety of all involved.