Artless Drama Company | Christmas Play 'News'

The Artless drama company will be performing a two-man (many roles) Christmas play at Grove Walk on Saturday 17th December. Doors will open at 7pm with the play starting at 7.30pm. Entrance will be free although there will be an opportunity to give a donation at the end. This will be the perfect opportunity for church members to invite friends along for a fun evening. 

NEWS is an exciting retelling of the nativity narrative explored through the eyes of a journalist, Isaac, in the aftermath of the first Christmas. Was it true? Was the savoir of the world really born in a manger? Could he believe the story of the unusual eye-witnesses? What would this mean for the world? And would uncovering this story put Isaac in danger?


If you've seen one too many traditional nativity plays you'll love NEWS. It's a funny but honest retelling that aims to challenge the traditional understanding of the nativity.

December 15
Student Connect Night
December 18
Student Supper