We believe our Sunday services should be a place where everyone is able to encounter God - from the littlest to the eldest.
That’s why we’re keen to hear from musicians of varying musical backgrounds and abilities who are excited by the idea of joining with us to pursue His presence as we gather to worship together.

Belonging - to a team of skillful, passionate and worshipful musicians.
Building - an atmosphere of praise for God’s Spirit to dwell.
Bringing - who we are and all that we have.

9:30 // STN Earlham Road ...

A beautifully contemplative style of service which is enriched by either our organ and traditional choir or a strings section with leading vocals and piano.

10:30 // STN Russell Street ...

STN’s newest church site in the city! If the idea of ‘mucking in’, being there at the very start of a growing church service and helping to create and craft a new strand of our worship team sounds good to you, then this is for you!

11:00 // STN Earlham Road . . .

Where we all come together as ‘children of God’ to worship Him. We begin this service worshipping together with our children & young people before they head out to their groups and there’s a more extended time of worship. Think vibrant, varied and full of energy!

16:00 // STN Grove Walk . . .

A very much ’grass-roots’, authentic, more informal style of worship with acoustic guitars, keys, percussion and strings. Wonderfully stripped back, simplified and relaxed.

19:00 // STN Earlham Road . . .

Here we have the freedom to spend a longer amount of time in worship and to press in to the prophetic and more spontaneous songs. We love to have a fuller band in this context; drums, bass, keys, electric guitar… you name it, there’s space for you!

As well as our Sunday services, we also love taking the opportunity to serve at city-wide gatherings and events.

We also help to provide high quality music for events such as STN affiliated charity events, Alpha and one off events at our Sanctuary Coffee Stop and the Mitre pub.

  Jacob Darlison  Worship Pastor

Jacob Darlison
Worship Pastor

  Katherine Morgan  Worship Administrator

Katherine Morgan
Worship Administrator

  Andy Woodman  Worship Team

Andy Woodman
Worship Team