We are really excited to be launching our 2017-18 Internship Programme!

The vision for our intern programme is to train, equip and release people to be characterful Christian leaders in whatever area of life they feel God is calling them to, whether that be in the church or the workplace. The programme will provide theological and leadership training, alongside opportunities to gain practical experience in different areas of church life. Our interns will give a year of their life to serving God in the local church and growing in character, skills and giftings and exploring God’s call on their lives.

STN is a lively church, in the centre of Norwich, reaching both the local community and more widely across Norfolk. STN is part of The Church of England and within the Diocese of Norwich, and is part of the wider network of churches associated with Holy Trinity Brompton. 

Our Vision is to be a City and County-wide expression of authentic Christianity today and to build a community that exists to: 

1. enjoy worshipping Jesus together and
2. make new disciples of Jesus Christ 

Our Mission is to Connect with God, Connect with each other and Connect with the world. St Thomas is part of a wider vision to see the re-evangelism of the nation and the transformation of society.

Our interns will play a full and important part in our mission and vision as a church.

Who is it for?

Committed Christians who want to give of their time to God. If you are interested in developing Christian leadership skills in a specific area of mission then our internship programme could be for you.


  • Learn life-long operational and ministry skills through working with a friendly, creative, exciting and dynamic team.
  • Create and build relationships.
  • Gain experience of church administration and leadership.
  • Receive supervision and discipleship from your line manager and a mentor.
  • A structured intern programme designed to equip you with leadership experience and knowledge.
  • Be challenged in growing your gifts in various areas of church life.
  • Attend relevant events, theological training, training days and conferences, including Focus church holiday.
  • The opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills including; leadership, team work, teaching and presentational, organisational and administrative.

Areas to serve

Sport: Sport and fitness have never been bigger than they are right now, with around 70% of the UK population engaging in sport and exercise on a weekly basis. This is massive news for the church to get to grips with as there is a huge natural community which the church can reach with the good news of Jesus. If you love Jesus and are passionate about sport and want to grow in your faith and develop your leadership skills then this could be the internship for you.

Creative/Evangelism: This is an opportunity to explore new ways of evangelism and outreach working closely with other teams within STN, modelling creative outreach and sharing with people how they can engage with God through the creative medium. There would also be opportunities to work with the leadership team in building an interactive and sensory experience across all worship and services.

Media: Media is playing an increasingly important role in how the church reaches and engages with our community. You would have the opportunity to be part of an exciting and creative team that develops and produces publicity on both printed and web platforms. Skills in web design, photography, graphic design, video making and social media are desirable for anyone interested in this placement.

Children and Youth: We have a wide range of activities for children and youth within STN both on Sundays and throughout the week.  You would have the opportunity to be part of a team serving in this area. Together with supporting the existing weekly activities and engaging with children, their families and youth, you would have the opportunity to explore new ways of engaging children and/or youth with God.

Worship: Worship is central to everything we do at STN. You would have the opportunity to be part of an exciting and growing team, serving at services on a Sunday as well as getting involved in a range of mid-week worship events. A big part of the Worship Internship at STN will involve being a student on the Worship Central Academy. As well as being assigned, by Worship Central, a mentor, you will also have many opportunities, throughout the year, to write songs, collaborate with other worship leaders, attend training days, and visit other church plants.

Leadership: If you think you might be being called to leadership in church then this could be your opportunity to spend a year working closely with the senior leadership at STN, gaining insights and practical experiences in all areas of leadership.

Students: STN has a growing student ministry that aims to reach students from both the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts. You would have the opportunity to disciple and train young leaders and explore new and innovative missional opportunities to students.

STN Trust: Bringing freedom, transforming lives to those carrying the burdens of captivity.  At STN Trust we bring a voice, future and hope to individuals by journeying with them into a life released from addiction, debt, poverty, violence, slavery, crime or an absence of education.   STN Trust supports and champions our partner organsiations both locally and overseas.   If you have a heart for social action and justice and want to develop your leadership skills then come and join the STN Trust team.


  • You must be willing and able to fully embrace the vision of St Thomas, Norwich.  Applications from International Students most welcome.
  • Each intern will be allocated a named line manager and a mentor and you will work closely with these people.
  • Commit to the Internship Programme from September 2017 to August 2018.
  • Commit to working 37 hours per week.
  • You will be a team player, searching for new ways to grow both professionally and spiritually.
  • You will be able to use your initiative, work independently and be a reliable member of our team.
  • You will be willing to have a go! To be energetic and enthusiastic in the face of the day to day opportunities that arise to disciple and to share the gospel.
  • You will be familiar with St Thomas Safeguarding policy and procedure and embed it in all that you do.
  • Your internship will begin with an induction meeting with your line-manager to draw up a written agreement setting out the basis and detail of your internship, including how you will be managed, to whom you are responsible, the area(s) of St Thomas you will serve and to discuss the opportunities for your professional, personal and spiritual growth throughout your time with us.


Nothing – it’s free!

The Internship is a voluntary position.

We will cover the cost of training and travel (any travel deemed as a necessary part of the Internship can be reimbursed, this does not include travelling to/from your daily Internship activities).
You will need to consider how you will finance your daily living throughout your Intern year.

Housing/Accommodation/Food: we can assist you with arranging accommodation if you need it, please enquire about this on application.


Click the link below.

Two referees are required but must not be family members. One from current your church leader and (small group/cluster/pastor) and the second should be a character reference e.g. education/work/another church member.

Please ensure we have your application by the closing date: 30 June 2017.

If you have not been able to find all the information you require please don’t hesitate to contact us: internships@stn.org.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!