The vision for our intern programme is to train, equip and release people to be characterful Christian leaders in whatever area of life they feel God is calling them to, whether that be in the church or the workplace.

The programme will provide theological and leadership training, alongside opportunities to gain practical experience in different areas of church life. Our interns will give a year of their life to serving God in the local church and growing in character, skills and giftings and exploring God’s call on their lives.

STN is a lively church, in the centre of Norwich, reaching both the local community and more widely across Norfolk. STN is part of The Church of England and within the Diocese of Norwich, and is part of the wider network of churches associated with Holy Trinity Brompton. 

Our Vision is to be a City and County-wide expression of authentic Christianity today and to build a community that exists to: 

  1. enjoy worshipping Jesus together and 
  2. make new disciples of Jesus Christ 

Our Mission is to Connect with God, Connect with each other and Connect with the world. St Thomas is part of a wider vision to see the re-evangelism of the nation and the transformation of society.

Our interns will play a full and important part in our mission and vision as a church.