Connect Groups are just one of the ways that a larger church can, for an evening at least, become smaller. Sundays can often be a busy time and if you are new, then getting to know people or forming long-term friendships can be a challenge. This is where Connect Groups come in.

Connect Groups meet around the city throughout the week. They are a great way to get to know people better, support one another and grow closer to God through prayer, study and discussion. . Many groups specialise in different areas, whether it be an ecologically minded group, one designed for mums and their children or ones that meet up to go for a run. 

Connect Groups are at the heart of what we do at STN and we think they are really important. They are a great way build friendships and to enhance our knowledge of the Christian faith, providing a time where we can ask each others’ opinions on the difficult questions and issues we face.

So whether it’s about fighting for a common cause, sharing in our hobbies, or simply providing much needed support when we need it most.

Get in touch with us below and we will help to find the group that is right for you.

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