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We are looking forward to welcoming you, and your friends and family, to STN this Christmas. 



Sunday 9 December, 10:30am, STN Russell St

Sunday 9 December, 11am, STN Earlham Rd

Sunday 9 December, 4pm, STN Grove Walk


Candlelit Carols

Sunday 16 December, 4pm, STN Russell St

Sunday 23 December, 7pm, STN Earlham Rd

Contemporary Candlelit Carols

Sunday 23 December, 4pm, STN Grove Walk

Music Events

Saturday 1 December, 10am, Christmas Jazz, Sanctuary Coffee Stop

Thursday 20 December, 7:30pm, Carols Unplugged, The Mitre

STN Trust

Sunday 16 December, 1-3pm, Christmas Parcel Packing, Sanctuary Coffee Stop

Christmas Services

Crib Services

Christmas Eve, 11am, STN Russell St

Christmas Eve, 3pm, STN Grove Walk*

Christmas Eve, 5:30pm, STN Earlham Rd*

*with live donkeys!


Christmas Eve, 11:30pm, Midnight Mass, STN Earlham Rd

Christmas Day Service, 10:30am, STN Earlham Rd

New Year’s

New Year’s Day Walk, 10:30am, Wells-Next-The-Beach
(Beach Car Park)